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Welcome to the inspiring world of Coach Don, a passionate boxing and fitness coach with a strong commitment to both his craft and his role as a devoted father. Coach Don's journey into the world of boxing began six years after the passing of his mother in 1993, an event that shaped his life in profound ways. Raised in a single-parent household, Coach Don, along with his siblings, found themselves navigating life's challenges without the guiding presence of their mother.

In the absence of unconditional love, Coach Don sought solace in the tough streets of New Orleans. Faced with the harsh realities of crime, death, drugs, and alcohol, he was on the brink of succumbing to these challenges until boxing entered his life, becoming the lifeline that ultimately saved him.

As an elite amateur boxer, Coach Don honed his skills under the mentorship of two Boxing Hall Of Fame Coaches. However, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 abruptly altered his path, leading to a relocation to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Despite the upheaval, Coach Don remained resilient and returned to his roots in New Orleans East in 2011, to his home that was severely damage due to Hurricane Katrina. After years of rebuilding and searching for his purpose in life, Coach committed himself to making a positive impact in his community by dedicating his life to teaching inner-city youth and adults the art of boxing.

In his pursuit of excellence, Coach Don not only developed numerous regional and national boxing champions but also emerged as a two-time national masters boxing champion at the age of 43. Undeterred by age, Coach Don, at 48, continues to embody the spirit of a fighter, actively sparring, and with plans to compete again in the near future.

Beyond the boxing ring, Coach Don extends his influence as a certified mentor, collaborating with organizations such as Goodwill and Son of a Saint since 2017 and 2022, respectively. His mission is to impart the lessons learned from a life shaped by the heart of New Orleans and to empower the next generation with hope and determination.

Coach Don recognizes that making a significant impact requires a collective effort. If you share his vision and want to contribute to his mission of shaping young lives, your support will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read Coach Don's story and consider joining him on this transformative journey.

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